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PsyCoolG's Wellness Services

Psychological Counselling

Utilising the power of the internet to deliver Mental Health Services Online. PsyCoolG makes online psychologist consultation possible by bringing together Psychologists, Counsellors, Mental Health Experts so that you have easy online access to them, just a few clicks away. 



  • We are 100% totally dedicated to your Privacy.
    Each and everything is confidential as we never save your data online.

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Talk Anonymously

  • You don't need to disclose your Identity so you can Talk Anonymously. 

Online Learning

Safe & Secure

  • We follow the best practices in Online Security and Safety Standards.

  • All your information is Safe with us as our Databases are Encrypted.


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  • Will my chat or call be recorded?
    The chat and calls sessions will never be recorded from us. But written reports will be maintained by the psychologist so that we can have reports of previous sessions.
  • What if the call/chat gets disconnected during a session?
    If the call/chat gets disconnected, you can reconnect with us and resume the session from where it had stopped. Your time of the session will be managed.
  • What is counseling/therapy?
    Counselling is a space that encourages a person to talk about their thoughts, feelings and emotions without any judgement or stigmatization. The counselor is trained to help you identify and understand your thoughts and emotions and move toward developing healthy coping stategies and behavior in the process.
  • How long is a session? What is the cost per session?
    The counselling session will go for 45 mins whereas the first session will be free of cost rest from the second session onwards the client will be charged 500 per session. The client can also take plans according to their feasibility and recommendation of Psychologist.
  • What can I talk to a counselor about?
    You can discuss any challenge you are facing. It can be about relationships with others, a significant other, marriage, career goals, academics, social interactions, friends, parenting, self-esteem and confidence and more. We’re here to listen to anything you have to say and help.
  • Can I have multiple sessions at one go?
    A typical therapy session is usually for 45 Mins. to an hour. Although, you can buy as many sessions in a go to avoid interruption. But we strongly recommend to not exceed more than two sessions per day.


Please note that we are not a crisis intervention helpline. Should you have severe symptoms or have thought about harming yourself, please seek immediate medical help or call suicide prevention helplines such as
Aasra 24x7 Helpline: 91-22-27546669

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