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WhatsApp Groups for Psychology Students & Mental Health Professionals for Regular Updates : KnowMore

Know About the Organisation that Created Groups :

The Most TRUSTED Organisation PsyCoolG Wellness Private Limited

An ISO 9001:2015 Accredited, MSME (Govt of INDIA) Certified, Start-Up Recognised Organisation. Registered under MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) Government of India. Working in the field of Psycho-Education & Psychological Services since 2019 with 100 + Free LIVE webinars, 60 + Internships for Psychology Students, 80 + Workshops and many more connecting 2,00,000 + Psychology students and Mental Health Professionals World Wide.

PsyCoolGs Promise - We Do Not Spam You : Join the Whats app Group Community & always stay Connected with all the Latest News & Updates from the field of Psychology

Students of any University can Join the groups.

Kindly join only ONE GROUP according to your course selection.

*MA Counselling Psychology 1st Year*

*MA Counselling Psychology 2nd Year*

*MA Clinical Psychology 1st Year*

*MA Clinical Psychology 2ndt Year*

*MA Industrial Psychology 1st Year*

*MA Industrial Psychology 2nd Year*

Professional Psychologist Group


We have Very Strict Policies for SPAMMERS (All the GROUPS are Closed Groups)

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